Antonella Pagliarulo

Prosa founder

  • Senior Graphic Designer 
  • UX/UI Designer
  • Branding and Packaging Master Degree – Barcelona
  • Digital Marketing Master Degree – Barcelona
  • Food&Beverages Industry Expertise

Professional career

For the last six years I have been part of the YG-Design team, an international Argentine agency specialized in the Food & Beverages sector. In addition to being part of the Senior creative team, I have worked as Project Manager and as Area Support for Spain during 2019.

During my specialization in Barcelona in 2018, I was also part of the Marketing team of the take-away food company Nostrum.

Independently, I have collaborated in recent years with the Argentine developer GrupoArmentano as a communication consultant, designer and creative director for various projects such as Bosques de Maipú and Il Mercato, as well as for other clients in Spain and Argentina.


My professional and academic experience, and my strong Knowmad spirit, have led me to seek a more innovative way to offer design services … more practical, more connected to the context and the purpose of each client.

I created Prosa not as just another design agency, but as an itinerant, professional and resilient project, where the only constant is commitment, continuous specialization and a collaborative perspective that transcends borders and professions.

Each client and each project are a new opportunity to connect and collaborate with other professionals suitable for the challenge, offering in this way more creative customized solutions.

Customers reviews

Happy clients 🙂

’Amazing job! So in love with my finished project! Great service!’’

– Darryl Moore, Founder of D’Concierge Weddings

‘Anto is an excellent professional who helped us to launch our venture in the digital world, transmitting with great taste the values of the brand in modern and elegant graphic pieces. We are happy with the result: the quality of the illustrations, texts, cards and image editing stands out in each piece. And most importantly, your commitment and warmth to customers.’ 

– Agustina Boullaude, Founder of Divergente Wines

’Excellent branding work. Fundamental in the formation of the project and I believe that one of the main responsible for the success of Il Mercato’’

– Nicolás Armentano, Founder of Grupo Armentano