Specializing in fostering imaginative thinking in children aged 0 to 6, Giraffa introduces a unique curriculum through manipulative games and a subscription model tailored for families and schools. Join us on a journey of experiential education, where innovation and growth are at the heart of our mission.


Nurturing Creative Minds

Giraffa Education is dedicated to cultivating creative thinking in children aged 0 to 6 through their innovative method and manipulative games. Offering a curriculum for early development and manipulative math learning, Giraffa brings this to life with wooden educational games. Their subscription model targets both families and schools, positioning Giraffa as a pioneer in experiential education.

The Branding Journey

In our collaboration, we embarked on a comprehensive branding and web design project for Giraffa. This included creating the brand, identity, and graphic elements for digital platforms, web design, presentations, packaging, and educational games. Working alongside developer Gonzalo Arteaga, we launched an e-commerce site for the European market with a robust subscription system.