Embarking on the challenge of crafting a premium line of alcohol-free wines and sparkling beverages, Goyena is designed to cater to the growing trend of health-conscious consumption. Positioned as “A SMART WINE FOR SMART PEOPLE,” Goyena serves as an excellent alcohol substitute for specific occasions.

Stylistic Approach:

Goyena’s stylistic positioning is contemporary, striking a balance between simplicity and sophistication—avoiding the extremes of complexity while not venturing into full minimalism. The design aims to convey a premium product with a focus on quality, aligning seamlessly with the increasing demand for healthy and conscious choices in today’s market.

Client: Reserva de la Tierra – Spain | 2021
Design Team: Bruno Ferato y Antonella Pagliarulo
Collaborations: Illustration by Santiago Anelo and rendering by Juan Pablo Dominguez