Undertaking the Foresta Branding and Graphic Design project was a journey in redefining workspaces beyond mere offices.

Foresta represents a groundbreaking approach to workspaces, focusing on enhancing quality of life and championing the perfect work-life balance—an embodiment of affordable luxury.

Clients: GlobalCitizen and Armentano Desarrollos.

This project seamlessly blends the organic dynamism of nature with the modern demands of workspace, creating a brand that not only stands out but also resonates with the essence of creativity, flexibility, and authentic connection.



A comprehensive dive into the real estate market, specifically the workspace sector, formed the foundation of our strategic insights.

Inspired by Nature

Foresta's concept draws inspiration from nature—a dynamic, ever-changing force that stimulates ideas and connections. The chosen archetype: the creator.

Brand Personality and Positioning

Crafting the brand's personality and defining its unique positioning in the market.

Naming & Development

"Foresta" was conceived to encapsulate the brand's values of creativity, flexibility, and authenticity inspired by natural environments. From brand creation to application designs, brand book, website, and social media identity manual, the visual communication strategy was meticulously developed.