In collaboration with Domaine Bousquet, a trailblazer in organic wines and sustainable practices, we embarked on the design journey for LoCa—a groundbreaking series of organic, low-calorie Malbec and Chardonnay. The challenge was to infuse these wines with a high perceived value and a compelling health-focused attribute.

In-depth Exploration:

Our process began with a comprehensive study of the low-alcohol, low-calorie wine segment and the broader landscape of healthier wine choices. The look and feel of health-focused wines often navigate between minimalist, aseptic, and avant-garde styles, often drawing inspiration from nature, abstract art, and distinctive typography.

LoCa’s Distinct Identity:

LoCa stands as Domaine Bousquet’s pioneering venture into the organic, low-calorie, and low-alcohol realm. The label design explores a contemporary collage aesthetic—a composition blending illustrative resources, photomontages, craft-style elements, and bold display typography that interacts dynamically with the brand name.